RAMP-UP! at Rensselaer: Workshops, Events and Retreats

Workshops exploring aspects of the many barriers to achieving advancement for women, as well as facilitating communication, advocacy, and advancement reform, have been warmly received by faculty participants. These initiatives support women as they confidently move ahead with their respective career advancement plans.

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  • RAMP-Up programming in Year One concentrated on broadening an awareness of the discourse on barriers to women's success as faculty, particularly in science and engineering disciplines.

  • In Year Two, additional training broadened the awareness of strategies to effect change geared toward departmental chairs and leaders in the academic community.

  • Celebration and Workshops

    The Colloquy Celebrating Advancement in the Academy was a launch point for further discussion of various work life issues. Day 2 of the Celebration, breakout sessions were organized in two streams: Making Mentoring Work and Balancing Work and Personal Life. Each stream was organized by a faculty group, with Assistant, Associate, and Academic leaders meeting separately to explore issues and strategies in these key areas. A follow-up presentation for the all attendees helped the audience understand all of the facets of the problems perceived in the different groupings. Critical issues in mentoring, promotion review, and dual-career family responsibilities provided participants with an action agenda for RAMP-Up's subsequent event programming.

    Speed Networking

    This event provided an opportunity for faculty to engage one another in timed conversations before rotating to open a new round of dialogue with another faculty member. Several goals were served in this program: Through informal interviews or conversations, faculty could meet one another and form new partnerships in teaching, research or writing interests. New faculty had the opportunity to meet each other and established faculty members from other departments, establishing potential platforms for future interdisciplinary research. Possible mentor-mentee relationships were encouraged during this forum.

    Women's Faculty Retreat

    In the fall of 2007, RAMP-Up's Kick-Off event brought faculty together to emphasize the importance of social networks and provided an in-depth review of the literature on career advancement. Events were held at a historical site serving working women as a respite from factory conditions associated with the many textile and manufacturing businesses located in Troy from the early 1900's.    [See story]  |  [Agenda]