RAMP-UP! at Rensselaer: Pipeline Search

At the level of the department, we will be "priming the pump" for women's advancement at Rensselaer with a Pipeline Hire to recruit a senior women faculty member from industry, national labs, or other nonacademic sources.

The Pipeline Search Initiative represents an effort to work with departments to build representation by a senior women in a science or engineering department. In early 2007, proposals from several departments were reviewed, leading to the selection of two departments within the School of Engineering to work toward establishing a search and joint faculty appointment of a senior woman for the following academic year. In 2008, the Search Committee will continue the search and interview process with select candidates from research and industry.

Initiative Progress


As of January 31, 2011, the search committee for the Pipeline Hire remains inactive. Due to the current economic climate and budget constraints at Rensselaer, the pipeline search has been restricted to current searches at RPI. RAMP-UP is working with the administration to promote a pipeline hire and other female faculty hires within these constraints. In prior years, pipeline searches had been conducted, but they did not result in successful hires.

We believe that the search committee needs to be reconstituted with a commitment to the kind of recruitment effort this search requires. We have submitted a proposal to the Acting Dean of Engineering

To-date, two departments have been identified and will work towards finding a candidate for the Pipeline appointment. The Departments of Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering, and Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering are working jointly to develop a position that serves the priorities and interests of the School of Engineering. A Search Committee has been identified and has developed a recruitment announcement with Human Resources for distribution in key print and online journals over several months.

[Pipeline Search Announcement]