RAMP Up's 2008 Career Campaign Award Winners

Intended to address advancement needs at the individual level, the Career Campaign Awards are presented to women faculty who have worked with senior faculty mentors to develop strong career plans to pursue and enhance ongoing professional goals.

2008 Campaign Winner Profiles

Nancy Campbell, Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies, who is being mentored by Linda Layne, the Alma and H. Erwin Hale '30 Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, intends to use the funding to continue her research regarding women and substance abuse. She recently released a book related to the subject area, titled Discovering Addiction: The Science and Politics of Substance Abuse Research (University of Michigan Press, 2007).

Ellen Esrock, Associate Professor of Language, Literature, and Communication, was mentored by Professor of Science and Technology Studies Linnda Caporael. Esrock plans to study the somato-sensory-motor system in the experience of visual arts. Professor Esrock teaches courses in twentieth century literature and visual art, psychology and literature, and theory/history of photography. Research areas include cognitive/neuropsychological approaches to literature and visual art; theory of literature; theory and istory of photography; modern literature; and women writers.

Aparna Gupta, Assistant Professor of Management and Technology, is in the Finance and Accounting area of the Lally School. Her research interests are financial decision support, risk management, and financial engineering. Gupta applies financial engineering techniques for risk management in technology-enabled services, such as, internet service guarantees. She will use the award to advance her work on computational mathematics with applications in finance. Her mentor is Bill Francis, associate professor of management and technology.

Susan Sharfstein, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Sharfstein intends to apply the financial support toward her research on the culture conditions and cell physiology of recombinant proteins in mammalian cell cultures. She is being mentored by Steve Cramer, the William Weightman Walker Professor of Polymer Engineering, and Jon Dordick, the Howard P. Isermann '42 Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Career Campaign Selection Committee, 2008

The 2008 Career Campaign Award recipients were chosen by the RAMP-Up advisory board led by Cheryl Geisler, professor and head of Rensselaer's Language, Literature & Communication department, and Debbie Kaminski, associate professor of Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering.

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