RAMP-UP! at Rensselaer: Advancement Reform

At the level of the institute, we aim to reform institute advancement processes to make them more transparent and more fair.

After four years of the initiative, RAMP-Up leadership has a better understanding of the mechanisms each department uses to advance candidates for tenure or promotion at Rensselaer.

Update, as of January 31, 2011

Unfortunately, a lack of agreement about the reformulation of the Faculty Senate following its dissolution by the Board of Trustees still exists at Rensselaer. The Provost will again hold school-based elections for interim committees this fall. As a result of an email from RAMP-Up urging tenured women to get involved, women were elected to all committees (now 3/5th women); and the Faculty Handbook and Grievance Committee — which may eventually be called upon to revise the Handbook.

A meeting with President Shirley Ann Jackson has taken place to follow up on recommendations made by senior women faculty. [need update on this]

Moving Forward

Training for Chairs on recruitment and retention of faculty is a key element of the Advancement Reform Initiative at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. A deeper commitment has been made to retool the recruitment, retention and advancement processes through the joint effort of the Faculty Senate Promotion & Tenure committee and the office of the Provost.

The Institute is also in the process of reviewing tenure practices at the level of individual departments in support of Advancement Reform. RAMP-Up Leadership continues to work with Faculty Coaches to ensure greater advocacy for women candidates in the tenure and review process.